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Protable Nutcracker Chestnut Clip

Protable Nutcracker Chestnut Clip

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Cross blade design serrated blade sharp and firm gently press make chestnut cross opening easy and labor-saving

USES ON VARIOUS NUTS: Heavy duty nut cracker can easily crack almost all kinds of nuts including pecan, walnut, hazelnuts, almonds, English walnut, Brazil nuts, etc. 

Sawtooth design, it can hold goods more firmly, so that it will not fall off, easy to break all kinds of nuts, pine nuts and other hard shell food.

Different sizes of sawtooth can crush food at the same time, suitable for different sizes of walnuts, nuts.

Comfortable handle, beautiful and durable, easy to clean, family, hotel,restaurant cooking good helper, it is a good choice for gifts.

This product can also be given as a gift to relatives and friends. Because it is very practical and functional, it is suitable as a gift.


Material: 304 stainless steel.
Suitable for: chestnut opening, walnut opening
Net weight: 190g

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