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Kitchimee™ Portable Mini Blender

Kitchimee™ Portable Mini Blender

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Fuel Your Adventures With Fresh Blends Anytime, Anywhere!

Effectively Blends Any Ingredient

With four strong stainless steel blades and a powerful built-in motor, this blender can handle a variety of ingredients, from fresh fruits to frozen berries, nuts, and powders. It’s versatile enough, to virtually turn any edible item into a perfect smoothie!

Removes The Hassle Of Finding Juice Bars

By bringing this blender with you, you can avoid the hassle of searching for juice bars. It’s offers a convenient way to maintain a healthy diet even when you’re far away from home.

Can Be Used Multiple Times

A single full charge of our blender’s 1400mAh battery can power more than 15 blends! Making it perfect for extended outings or multiple uses throughout the day. You can rely on it for consistent performance without worrying about frequent recharging. 


Our Portable Mini Blender is super easy to use. First, cut your fruits into 1x1x1cm squares, then place them in a cup. Add water, milk, or other beverages of your choice. Once everything is in place, simply tighten the upper cover, align the dots, and double-click the switch to power it on.

Easy Maintenanance

Our Portable Mini-Blender is quite easy to clean! Just pour the mixed detergent into the blender then rinse it out and dry with a cloth!

Comparison With Other!

Never Go Hungry Again With Our Portable Mini Blender!

  • Features A Cordless Design

    The blender is designed for on-the-go use, allowing you to blend fresh juice or smoothies wherever you are hassle-free. It operates wirelessly and blends ingredients effectively.

  • Offers Wireless Charging

    By simply connecting its charging base to a standard USB port, you can charge the blender easily. Its white light blinks, to indicate charging!

Why Choose Our Product?

● Durable
● Fast Shipping
● Easy Return Policy
● 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Blend Anything Perfectly: From Fresh Fruits To Frozen Berries And More!