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Portable Grinder

Portable Grinder

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Do you have to spend hours grinding spices like soybeans, pepper, and dried chili? Looking for a grinder that grinds spices within minutes? A grinder you can carry on trips? Introducing the Portable Grinder here to solve all your grinding problems! Manufactured with 304 stainless steel food-grade contact materials our Portable Grinder ensures durability and safety!

Product Specifications

  • Material: Stainless Steel+PP
  • Color: Blue
  • Product Size:175x92x76mm
  • Product Weight:620g
  • Rated Capacity: 80g
  • Rated Voltage: 220 V
  • Rated Frequency: 50 Hz

Product Benefits!

  • Fast and Efficient Grinding 
  • Ideal For Making Baby Food 
  • User-Friendly Design 
  • Food-Grade Material 
  • Powerful Performance  
  • Overheating Protection For Safety  
  • Hard Shell For Added Protection 
  • Portable and Elegant Design 
  • Safe Noise Reduction 
  • Easy to Clean 

What’s Included in the Package?

1x Portable Grinder

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Why it Works?

Our Portable Grinder stands out with its lightning-fast grinding speed, transforming various ingredients into fine powder within mere seconds! Whether you're craving a quick cup of coffee or preparing baby food, its high-speed motor and stainless steel blades ensure swift results. The Built-in 200W motor ensures powerful crushing of spices!

Portable and Noiseless Design

 With a detachable power cord and compact design you can easily store the grinder in any cupboard or bag without any hassle! Also, its double-layer protection functions to reduce noise effectively unlike noisy grinders.

Ensures Safety

The triple protection mechanism, including overheat protection and a manual switch for control, guarantees a secure grinding experience. The hard shell adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring the longevity of the grinder while prioritizing your safety.

Suitable for Grinding Various Spices

Our Portable Grinder isn't just limited to specific ingredients – it's your versatile companion for grinding various spices effortlessly. From coffee beans to nuts, seeds, and an array of spices, this grinder's high-quality stainless steel blades ensure a uniform and fine grind every time.

How to Use? 

  1.  Load the Ingredients Of Your Choice Into the Grinder
  2. With the Electric Press-To-Start Feature, Activate the Grinder to Begin the Fast and Efficient Grinding Process
  3. Once the Grinding Is Complete, Simply Release the Button to Stop the Process

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