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High-pressure Cordless Paint Sprayer

High-pressure Cordless Paint Sprayer

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Struggling with tedious paint jobs? Our Cordless Paint Sprayer is here with a powerful brushless motor and adjustable flow control. Now get rid of the hassle of uneven coverage and experience perfect precision and get a smoother, higher-quality finish in a fraction of the time!


  • Motor: 580W
  • Nozzle diameter: 1.5 mm
  • Maximum flow: 200ml/min
  • Maximum viscosity: 8-12s
  • Capacity: 1000ML
  • Speed: 35000RPM
  • Power Supply: Battery

Product Benefits

  • Powerful Brushless Motor
  • Adjustable Spray Angle
  • Cordless Design for Convenience
  • One-Button Disassembly for Easy Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Spray for Effective Results
  • No Air Pump Required, Plug and Play

What’s Included in the Package?

  • 2 x Small Batteries
  • 1 x Battery charger
  • 1 x Paint Sprayer
  • 3 x Accessories
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Box
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Why it Works?

This  Sprayer's standout feature lies in its revolutionary airless technology. This innovation ensures a perfect and consistent spray, easily covering large areas with precision. No air pump required—just plug in and experience a superior and time-saving painting process. 

No More Spending Hours On Post-Paint Cleaning!

Our Sprayer's one-button disassembly and easily removable parts make cleanup a breeze. No more hassle, just more time to focus on creating beautiful spaces perfectly.

How to Use?

  • Insert battery, choose spray angle.
  • Fill 800ml container with diluted paint.
  • Press for easy disassembly and cleanup.
  • Select horizontal, vertical, or circular spray.
  • Adjust flow rate for precision.
  • Maintain 25-40cm distance from surface.

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