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4 in 1 Rotatable USB Hub

4 in 1 Rotatable USB Hub

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Are you tired of juggling multiple cables and adapters to transfer your photos, videos, and files between devices? Meet our sleek USB 2.0 Hub with Card Reader – the ultimate solution to simplify your digital life.


    • Material: ABS
    • Interface: USB 2.0
    • Transmission: 480 Mbps
    • Size: 55*19*30 mm
    • Color: Black/White
    • Compatibility: PC/Keyboard/Phone/Camera/iPad/Mouse
    • Operating Voltage: 5V
    • Operating Current: 500mA
    • Operating Temperature: -20C - 75C
    • Storage Temperature: -40C - 85C
    • Support System: Windows 95/98/2000/2003/ME/XP/Vista or Mac OS 8.1 or above (driver installation required for Windows 95/98)

    Product Benefits

    • Wide Device Compatibility 
    • Makes it Easy to Read Various Card Formats 
    • Offers High-Speed Data Transmission  
    • Adaptable Connector Design: 
    • Compact and Portable 
    • Durable ABS Material 
    • Low Power Consumption 
    • Sleek Aesthetics 

    What’s Included in the Package?

    1x 4 in 1 Rotatable USB Hub

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    Why it Works?

    Offering effortless expansion, this hub transforms a single USB 2.0 port into two, eliminating the clutter of multiple cables. Its versatile compatibility ensures seamless connections across a myriad of devices, from laptops and smartphones to cameras and printers. The inclusion of SD and TF card slots enhances its functionality, catering to diverse memory card formats for a comprehensive multimedia experience.

    Compatible with a Wide Range of Devices

    It seamlessly connects with laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, cameras, gamepads, keyboards, mice, printers, and various other USB-compatible devices.

    Ensures High-Speed Data Transmission

    With a USB 2.0 interface, it provides a data transmission speed of 480 Mbps. This ensures swift and efficient transfer of large files, including photos, videos, and documents, meeting the demands of users who require quick and responsive data handling.

    How to Use?

    1. Plug the USB 2.0 Hub into an available USB port on your laptop, desktop, or any compatible device.
    2. Insert Memory Cards or USB Devices
    3. With the Hub Connected and Devices Inserted, Experience High-Speed Data Transmission

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